How much clearance is needed to deliver a container? 

  • Do I have to prepare the delivery site before delivery?
  • If by chance I have to move the container in the future, can you guys do that for us? 
  • If I was to request to have a container delivered to me, how long would it take to get there?
  • Do you provide locks for the container or do we have to have our own?
    Mobile Storage does not provide locks when delivering a container. We do this because it guarantee’s that the assets you have in the given container, are safe and protected by the customer and only the customer.
  • How protected are my assets when locked in a container?
  • What condition of containers are in your inventory? Do you charge more for a better quality container when renting or purchasing?
  • If I purchase a container, what is the average life time I can suspect of it?
  • Is there a charge for delivery and pickup of the container? 
    Yes, depending on the location you will be charged accordingly. We judge and base this off of the fuel costs associated with delivering the container and the labor required from the driver. If you have a question about how much it would cost for us to deliver a container to you, feel free to contact us at (417)782-7563.